All about GreenWood City & Melaka: Culture, Convenience and Connectivity

Your Home Away from Home 您在异国的家

Melaka has been a tourist hub since it was awarded Unesco World Heritage Site status in 2008. The exceptional number of tourist arrivals each year and the exciting attractions earned it a spot in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Travel Destinations in Asia.

Melaka is well received in most countries, but has a special place in the hearts of visitors from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia. 17 million people visited the state in 2017, many of them from China.

The state government is targeting an even higher number with 2019 being Visit Melaka Year. Tourist numbers are expected to surge close to 20 million. The state will also create history by becoming the first Malaysian state to host the inaugural Kabaddi World Cup in 2019, welcoming some 1000 participants and their fans from Canada, Mauritius, Egypt, Australia, Kenya and India.

 古城马六甲,自2008年被联合国教育科学与文化组织(UNESCO)列为世界文化遗产以来,吸引了大批游客慕名到访,这座色彩斑斓的历史之城更在去年被国际知名旅游指南《孤独星球》评选为亚洲十大最佳旅游地。 马六甲深受世界各国人民喜爱,特别是来自中国、香港、台湾、新加坡和印尼的游客。数据显示,在2017年到访马六甲的1700万名游客当中,大部分都是来自中国。 马六甲州政府如今放眼在2019年 “马六甲旅游年” 达到接待2000万名游客人次的目标。此外,马六甲还将在明年主办2019卡巴迪世界杯,准备迎接来自加拿大、毛里裘斯、埃及、澳洲、肯雅和印度的约1000名参与者和他们的球迷,成为马来西亚第一个举办这项赛事的城市。

In The Middle of All the Action 接轨世界的中枢港口

Melaka is set to become the new centre of the nation with easy connectivity. It’s a short car journey to and from both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and will be a mere 45-minute commute to Singapore when the KL-Singapore High Speed Rail project is completed.

Those who love the sea can even travel to the colourful state on a cruise ferry. Visitors from Guangzhou, China can also fly straight in to the Melaka International Airport, enjoy Melaka, then jet right off to Indonesia, Thailand and more countries!

马六甲优越的地理位置大大增添它的连通性,使其将发展为重要的商贸中心。待马新高速铁路项目完工后,往返吉隆坡和新加坡只需短短的45分钟; 热爱大海的朋友可以选择乘坐邮轮,来到这座色彩缤纷的美丽城镇;从中国广州远渡而来的游客,也可以直接飞往马六甲国际机场,在这里享受一番古城独特的东南亚风情后,即可再飞往印尼、泰国和其他国家!

Friendly to Visitors, Welcoming to Businesses

With such rapid growth comes infinite opportunities for keen investors and business. Melaka’s government has been quick to capitalise on this, inviting in RM22 billion in international investments in 2017, a majority of it from China. This is largely connected to the fact that Melaka is a crucial point in the One Belt One Road initiative.

The Melaka Gateway is a pivotal landmark along the Maritime Silk Road, helping connect 65 countries and bringing an abundance of trade opportunities and development to Malaysian ports. As it stands, 80% of the oil transported to China must rely on the Straits of Melaka.

One Belt One Road and clever administration made Melaka the 2nd fastest growing state in Malaysia. In 2017, it expanded at a faster rate than the national average, beating even the capital of Kuala Lumpur. The speedy growth is also helped along by the multilingual Melaka population. The majority of residents speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Malay, making all transactions a breeze.

马六甲如此迅速的增长趋势让投资者和企业看到了无限商机,单单在2017年,马六甲州政府就成功吸引了220亿令吉的国际投资,其中大部分投资额依然来自中国,这很大程度上必须归功于中国“一带一路” 政策使马六甲成为21世纪海上丝绸之路的关键点。 马六甲皇京港(Melaka Gateway)是坐落于古城市中心海滨的大型填岛计划,它是由三个人工岛屿和一个自然岛屿组成,主要用途是观光、旅游和商业目的,让大型邮轮也可以在此停靠,吸引更多游客来马六甲这个古城参观古迹,以及享受购物乐趣。 作为“一带一路” 在东南亚的重要据点,皇京港连接65个国家,为马来西亚港口带来丰富的贸易机会和发展。目前,运往中国的石油有80%必须依赖马六甲海峡。 在“一带一路“ 的倡议以及政府的精明管理下,马六甲成为了马来西亚增长第二快的州属。在2017年,马六甲的扩张速度超过了全国平均水平,甚至还超越首都吉隆坡。 这项成就也有赖于马六甲人能口操多种语言的优势,绝大部分居民都能说得一口流利普通话、粤语、英语和马来语,使得所有交易都能轻而易举达成。

Greenwood City is Central 中央地段

This luxurious development is easily accessible from the Melaka International Airport, High-Speed Rail Station and main expressway. It is also a comfortable distance from the UNESCO World Heritage site and within walking distance to the renowned Encore Melaka Theatre and Melaka’s largest and newest private hospital.

Other than the massive lifestyle mall in Greenwood City, visitors and residents alike can also shop to their hearts’ content at the Jonker Street a short commute away.

地理位置便捷,无论是马六甲国际机场、高铁车站、主要高速公路或世界文化遗产保护区,处处四通八达;马六甲最大、最新的私人医院,以及目前最火的新地标:又见马六甲剧院(Encore Melaka Theatre)甚至步行即可抵达。除了大型高级商场,周末逛逛马六甲鸡场街 (Jonker Street) 也是另一种滋味。

Greenwood City is Adventurous 大胆冒险

Greenwood City is slated to be the adventure central of Melaka, with the state’s proposed first zip line adventure to be built on its premises. It will also be home to the proposed Malaysia’s first Tallest Building Bungee Jump as well as house Melaka’s first indoor ice-skating rink.

无需出国或到郊外,您也能在Greenwood绿悠城挑战极限运动:全马最高的「蹦极跳」以及「Zipline 钢索飞行」。想要优雅一点的活动?行,我们为您建造了全马六甲唯一一间室内溜冰场。

Greenwood City is Relaxing 享受休闲

If gorgeous sea views are not enough to relax you, Greenwood City is equipped with plenty of dining and leisure options to take your mind off of things. You can also enjoy the sea breeze and the sunset by taking a short walk to the Seri Melaka Riverside alfresco dining area. If nature is not your thing, catch the latest movies at the 10-screen cinema inside Greenwood City.


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